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31 May, 2021

Start Hybrid Grand Final


Sander Schimmelpenninck


Table guests
Gillian Tans, Former CEO and current Chairwoman
Ben Woldring, CEO and Founder Bencom Group


Frans van Houten, CEO at Royal Philips
Marjan Rintel, CEO at NS
Ton van Dijk, CIO at Pon Holding
Petra Groenland, Partner at KPMG
Maarten Roef, President & CEO at Wavin
Edwin van Bommel, Head of Group Innovation and Head of Strategy & Sustainability at ABN AMRO

The Grand Final 2021


This year the Philips Innovation Award (PHIA) is proud to present the first-ever Hybrid Grand Final. “After 16 years, it is time to not only stimulate innovation in the Netherlands but also to innovate ourselves”. – Annick Buitenhek, Chairman of the PHIA board. With the Hybrid Grand Final, the PHIA has truly innovated the concept of the Grand Final.


The Hybrid Grand Final will be a spectacle, live-streamed from De Hallen in Amsterdam. The show will be produced in collaboration with media partner Creative Animal. Creative Animal has also created the semi-final series The Battles, and is a renowned company involved in productions such as The Eurovision Songfestival. In the Hybrid Grand Final, each startup will pitch their brilliant and innovative ideas to the jury consisting of industry leaders. Moreover, during a table discussion led by Sander Schimmelpenninck, our table guests Gillian Tans (Chairwoman of and Ben Woldring (Founder of Bencom Group) will reflect upon the pitches and share their vision on entrepreneurship and innovation. 

The Hybrid Grand Final will take place on May 31 and will be broadcasted live at 20:30 via the website In the end, the jury, chaired by Frans van Houten, CEO of Royal Philips, will decide which startups have the most innovative ideas and win the Innovator Award worth 50.000- and Rough Diamond Award worth 10.000,-.

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Rough Diamonds

This year’s finalists







This year’s finalists

Scope Biosciences B.V.


Daphne Textile Research







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