Edition 2020

The Semi Final en Grand Final were once again planned to be physical, thus the 2020 board had to switch gears quickly when in March 2020 the Covid-19 restrictions started in the Netherlands. The semi final was held online via Zoom. Thankfully the jury and startups were very flexible. On the 18th of May the Virtual Grand Final took place. The corona-proof recording was done in a studio in Hilversum. Scroll down to watch the behind-the-scenes after movie!

Award winners

LALALAND wins Innovator Award

Lalaland’s platform generates customized and inclusive synthetic fashion models for e-commerce brands. A highly efficient workflow combines on-mannequin product shots with AI-generated model imagery. The result is realistic, ready-to- publish model shots at scale, created in a fraction of the time required by traditional fashion photography. Lalaland, the 2020 winner, was interviewed by the international business magazine Forbes and won the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge.

Syntho wins Rough Diamond Award

Syntho is expert in synthetic data generation and implementation and enables organizations to boost data driven innovation in a privacy preserving manner. Turn privacy by design into a competitive advantage with AI generated synthetic data. This means that the synthetic dataset has zero privacy risk and it maximizes data utility.

Semi Final

Watch the after movie of the remote semi final. Because of the sudden Covid-19 restrictions the 2020 startups, jury and board had to be very flexible and the semi final was done online via Zoom.

Grand Final

Watch the behind-the-scenes after movie to see how we changed the final to a fully corona-proof edition.

Closing words

This edition has been challenging and tested our flexibility. Despite the start of the pandemic, the edition could still continue in a corona-proof way and was once again a success!

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