Edition 2022

After two years of COVID-19 restrictions we were finally able to host our events physically again. One week before the Investor Day the regulations were relaxed and we were able start our trajectory with a physical training day. The 2021 edition showed us the great benefits of a hybrid final, which will therefore be continued to the 2022 final.

Livestream - Grand Final 2022 - May 30th

Semi Final

This years’ semi final was hosted at a new location: The Schiecentrale in Rotterdam. The Schiecentrale is the former powerplant of Rotterdam, which gives it a very cool and industrial look. It was a fruitful day during which over 400 people attended and listened to the pitches of the startups. The Innovation Market in the main hall gave the startups the opportunity give additional information on their business plans to the visitors.

After movie Semi Final

Pictures Semi Final

Grand Final is on May 30th!

Rough Diamond Finalists


Aletta will help researchers save money and time on their study, by improving participant experience in clinical trials. Due to participant dropout, it can cost €17K to recruit a new participant and the study delay can cost up to €7 million. We will work with researchers to convert their clinical surveys into a chatbot conversation, powered by AI. Our next generation chatbot will collect data remotely by conversing with the participant and recording the answers provided. By collecting data in a more interactive and intuitive manner, we aim to engage the participant and optimize data capture. Interactive digital tools combining participant engagement and remote data collection are needed, thus Aletta offers clinical trial organizers a unique value proposition.



Glimp helps you to catch your breath. We improve burn-out recovery, with guided breathwork for home. Habituate mindful breathing with our ‘Pebbles’, through haptic & audio feedback. Through a hand-held device, we bring the breathing therapist to the client’s home. This will increase therapy compliance, reduce recovery time & therapy costs. Our team is expertised to fully develop the product in-house. Moreover, Glimp is partnering with two different Police departments (Delft & National Police), M91200 (electronics manufacturer) and TodayTomorrow (Software). Our USP: We provide effective (data-driven) assistance at home, while providing mental health insights for both client and therapist.


Unifix Care

More than two billion people worldwide do not have access to essential surgical care. This is mainly related to a shortage of proper medical equipment in low- and middle-income countries (LMIC) to perform these essential surgeries. In the meantime, thousands of tons of medical equipment are thrown out each year by western hospitals. 4-5% of this is brand-new equipment. Current initiatives to give these supplies new use are based on 1-on-1 relationships. These processes are rather inefficient and still result in the waste of most of the equipment. With Unifix we are coordinating this process through our online platform. We aggregate the supply, connect it to the hospitals in need, and ensure that it is properly used by offering adequate education.

Innovator Finalists


Due to the diversity and complexity of unstructured documents that need to be processed by companies, automation and saving costs is a challenging task. Auto-Pilot is a platform that lets users apply Artificial Intelligence (Natural Language Processing) techniques to process these unstructured documents such as emails and PDFs more efficiently. We believe that the best results are obtained when humans and machines are efficiently working together. Therefore, Auto-Pilot maintains a user-first approach, where the machine closely follows all the steps that a human normally takes when processing a certain file and gradually takes over more work. We call this Collaborative Intelligence.



HART (Human Augmentation Research and Technology) is a student team from theUniversity of Technology Eindhoven. HART focuses on the research field of humanaugmentation. As humans, we are limited by our biological boundaries. With human augmentation, we try to look beyond and overcome these limits with technology. We have developed an application that can transform spoken language into a vibrational language.With a sleeve that provides haptic feedback, it is possible to substitute the hearing sense of humans. The goal of HART is to create freedom of experiences and become more than human.



Respyre is a TU Delft spin-off focusing on the valorisation of a unique scientific cross-over between material science and biology. We believe a living city is a healthy city. By creating space for nature -in an otherwise barren environment- and integrating self-sustaining vegetation in an efficient, sustainable and functional way, we want to bring cities to life. With bio-receptive concrete and moss facades Respyre empowers cities to breathe! The Philips Innovation Award will help us further develop our technology with the great trainings, network and possibly financing it comes!



Ready-made household and personal care products are extremely polluting for 2 main reasons: These products often contain lots of water (up to 95%). This water gets transported, unnecessarily emitting large amounts of CO2 emissions. Secondly, these products come in single-use plastic packaging, resulting in a lot of waste. Our reusable cleaning and hand soap bottles can be refilled at home with our effective, eco-friendly tablets and tap water. These products alone save 30 plastic bottles and 10kg of cargo weight per household every year. We will continue adding more extremely concentrated products, increasing our impact further.



Veridis develops the first scalable analysis method for plastic recycling. The largest challenges for the plastic recycling industry are material insight and quality control. There are no industrially applicable and affordable methods that can tell recyclers the exact composition and quality of their material. Subsequently, high-quality recycling is only done with ~2% of all plastics. We solve this problem with our patent-pending MADSCAN technology, scaling up the analysis of plastic batches by a factor 100.000 whilst being >99% accurate. By giving the plastic recycling industry exactly the reliable insights it needs, we enable this industry to recycle more, faster & more efficiently, revolutionizing plastic recycling.

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