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Now that the deadline for participating in the Idea Stage has passed, it is time to turn your one-pager into a real business plan. Writing a business plan might seem intimidating and a heavy time-consuming task. However, we have tried to make the process of......

This article originally appeared on our partner Arnold & Siedsma’s website. Many entrepreneurs hold the opinion that it is an added value to indicate that a patent was applied for or was granted for their product. In practice, displaying a patent (application) number on a......

The registrations have been opened and the 2019 Philips Innovation Award is well underway! A fundamental strategic resolution you – as an entrepreneur – have to make, is defining the precise market in which you think your idea will add the most value. Finding your......

Today marks the start of the 2020 Philips Innovation Award! Innovative people from all over the Netherlands will have until December 1st to submit their game changing ideas to the Phillips Innovation Award. But how do you come up with a good idea and more......

Student start-up BI/OND is the winner of the Innovator League of the Philips Innovation Award 2019. BI/OND may call itself the most innovative student start-up of the Netherlands. BI/OND Solutions provides biologists with avatars of human organs composed of Silicon chips and human cells for......

On Friday the 26th of April, the Coaching day took place at CIRCL, which is a sustainable building built by ABN AMRO located in the business centre of the Netherlands. The eight finalists participated in workshops of 45 minutes given by the following Platinum and......

The Semi-Final and Innovation Market of the Philips Innovation Award 2019 took place on March 20, 2019. It was a day full of great pitches, innovation and networking opportunities. During the day, Tom van Dun from Infocomics asked several visitors how they thought the world......

The pitching day took place on the 27th of March 2019. The eight finalists received a pitching training given by our partner Debatrix. Debatrix has been partner of the Philips Innovation Award for several years now. They have helped several TedX participants, professionals, politicians and supervisors......

Our product, the Invi Bracelet, enables people to walk around with the confidence of knowing they can defend themselves without using violence. When activated, the Invi Bracelet releases a foul-smell that can deter aggressors and alarm others. Participating (and winning) the Philips Innovation Award proved......

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What It Takes to Build a Start-Up into a Brand


For the budding entrepreneur, a good starting point is to create a qualitative understanding of market drivers. You need to get into the head of the consumer and be able to tell her story. It is both art and science. The purpose of this map of users and usage is to define dissatisfactions, hopes, dreams, and fears. Winning solutions respond to the distinct and specific needs of a group of consumers.

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Pitching: Five reasons NOT to invest!


It’s 2011. Rufus Grimson sells his company to Disney for 40 million dollars. He pitched with an unusual opening technique, the same that earned him 3,3 million investment dollars two years earlier.

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Pitching: Strife within the minute


Sweat starts forming on your forehead. You’ve been given exactly three minutes for your pitch – or thirty minutes for your presentation. But somewhere you got off track and now you must finish your last paragraph within one sentence. Stuttering, you see the crowd’s attention fade and your one chance at success shatter.

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Pitching: The essential “Why Now” in every successful pitch


If you have a great idea and solid arguments, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll easily convince everyone to implement that idea. For the past years I’ve helped many people develop important pitches. And whether it’s a project on internal scale or a multinational million dollar pitch, it’s often one simple question that’s left unanswered: why now?

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Pitching: The secret is losing


It only takes a slight change in your formulation, but it will make your message 300% more convincing. Don’t sum up everything there’s to gain in accepting your proposal, tell your target group what they’ll miss out on if they don’t.

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