Edition 2019

In 2019 edition we held the Semi Final/Innovation Market at Drijvend Paviljoen in Rotterdam. Here eight startups were chosen by the jury to go through to the Grand Final. The Grand Final took place at Theatre Rotterdam, where 800 spectators watched the finalists pitch.

Award winners

BI/OND wins the Innovator Award

BI/OND creates unique hardware solutions for Organ on Chips applications that can be used to achieve accurate disease models. In the early phase of drug testing, Petri dishes and animals can fall short of predicting what happens inside a human body. To make better medicine, it is fundamental to recreate human physiology and pathology. BI/OND provides the perfect solution for this goal.

Hable wins the Rough Diamond Award

The Hable One is the easiest physical braille keyboard for your smartphone. It works with VoiceOver and TalkBack on smartphones and tablets. It looks like a small black device you can put on the back of your smartphone or tablet. It can be used for typing more accurately and navigating your phone with simple movements and shortcuts. Recently Stevie Wonder commented on The Hable One as an amazing product and he started to use it.

Semi Final

After movie Innovation Market at the Drijvend Paviljoen.

Grand Final

Aftermovie of the Grand Final at Theatre Rotterdam. 

Closing words

This edition has been very fruitful with the Innovation Market and Grand Final at our returning locations the Drijvend Paviljoen and Theatre Rotterdam.

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