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30 semi-finalists, 8 golden tickets; in the Philips Innovation Award Semi-Final ‘The Battles’ we will find out which Rough Diamonds and Innovators will make it to the Grand Final on May 31, where they will compete for the grand prizes worth 10 000 and 50 000 euros!


During ‘The Battles’ our semi-finalists will pitch their idea in front of our jury, all with their own area of expertise. They will decide which startups have the best promise to be a very successful global company. So, who are going to be the 8 startups that will make it to the Grand Final?! Let ‘The Battles’ begin!

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Episode 1


Today we will kick-off the Philips Innovation Award Semi-Final ‘The Battles’ with the first episode in which 5 Innovators will compete for a golden ticket that will secure them a spot in the Grand Final.

This episode startups Loop, Ziemi, Bucqle, I Save Lives and Reefy will pitch their ideas. Hence, the categories Consumer, Healthcare and Sustainability will be the topic of today.


Can’t wait to find out who will convince the jury? Let’s watch and see which startup will make it to the Grand Final! Let ‘The Battles’ begin!

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Episode 2


Next up, Rough Diamonds! This week we will get to see the first four pitches from startups in the Rough Diamond league. This episode will feature the startups Rapidemic, Myst Works, Tryps and Coffee Carbon.

Curious how high-speed police pursuits will become more safe with a self-propelling dart-like tracking device, how the next pandemic can be contained more effectively, how coffee is turned into a valuable resource or how the shared-mobility sector will be revolutionized? Then make sure to watch the 2nd episode tonight and find out which Rough Diamond will make it to the Grand Final! Let ‘The Battles’ begin!

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Episode 3


This is the third episode in which we will see pitches of the Innovators! This episode will feature the startups DuckDuckGoose, Lox, XO.Sight and Chainable. 

No more rigged elections due to deep fakes! DuckDuckGoose has created an algorithm that analyses images and recognizes deep fakes.  Lox assures you’ll easily get your money back in case of overbilling. XOsight has created smart cameras that are embedded with AI enhanced computer vision that allow for real-time inventory analysis. Lastly, Chainable will introduce circulair kitchens, thereby contributing to a more sustainable world.


One of these startups will win a golden ticket to the Grand Final. Curious which one? 

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Episode 4


In this episode ChargeBnB offers a technology which enables an #Airbnb of electric vehicle charging. Excessive food waste due to rotten fruits and vegetables? Fruitin offers the solution with its self-developed spray! Klimaatjes has created a board game that educates the next generation on topics like sustainability. RIFT (Renewable Iron Fuel Technology) offers a novel and innovative energy technology which enables energy-intensive industries to become users of clean and circular energy.

Curious about these startups and want to find out which Rough Diamond will make it to the Grand Final? Then click on the link below!

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Episode 5


Tonight, the third golden ticket will be awarded in the Innovator League! Curious which startup will make it to the #Hybrid Grand Final on May 31?


There is no such thing as sustainable, mass-produced clothing. Daphne Textile Research offers the solution with lab-grown animal materials such as leather and wool. Data scientist is one of the ‘sexiest’ jobs of the 21st century. Data science is a broad concept however. At Orchest they have developed an IDE which helps data scientists do what they are actually good at: science with data! has created a SaaS B2B business development tool specifically for recruitment, which enables recruitment consultants to easily and quickly research and find new potential clients. Lastly, Gelijkspel has developed a game that adapts to the level of both players, thereby leveling the playing field and allowing the players to connect freely.

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Episode 6


Tonight, the third and last golden ticket will be awarded in the Rough Diamond League! Curious which startup will make it to the #Hybrid Grand Final on May 31? Watch the episode!


ReAlliance reconnects producers and consumers in their recycling framework. Startup Luce designs various IoT devices to enhance people’s lives and create awareness of the environmental conditions people live in. Farmvent has developed a “Farming as a Service” business model, which brings food production closer to the consumer. With its augmented reality tool SketchoAR hopes to revolutionize education and bring innovation in education.

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Episode 7


The 7th and last episode of the semi-final series #TheBattles! Only two spots left for the Hybrid Final for the Innovator league.


Heatbox, the ‘self-heating’ lunchbox, is a smart device that enables you to enjoy a hot and healthy meal anywhere, anytime. Startup Genax has developed a patented single layer fabric able to shield the human body against electromagnetic waves.  Agrolooks offers a tool, which provides insight in current farm performances and provides recommendations to reach objectives, such as minimizing nitrogen emission. Skialabs applies machine learning to help waste collection companies operate cost- and time-efficiently, minimize emissions and travel times. ScopeBiosciences develops diagnostic tests using CRISPR-Cas technology and in the first results, their test obtained results quicker than a PCR test and with higher sensitivity than a rapid test.

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