17 May, 2024 | Partners

Upstream Festival – Two Days of Everything A Startup Needs for Growth.

Upstream Festival provides a space for startups and scaleups to make the connections they need to thrive and build companies that change the world for the better. 

Since the first edition in 2020, Upstream has welcomed more than 9000 startups, scale-ups, investors, buyers and other changemakers who share, connect and create meaningful innovations for sustainable growth. Upstream is a community driven scale-up festival led by Up!Rotterdam, that unites more than 50 public and private partners from the Netherlands, including the City of Rotterdam, City of Delft, Rabobank, ICOS Capital, Techleap and many more. The 5th anniversary edition of Upstream will take place in Rotterdam May 28 & 29 2024.

Get your ticket via www.upstreamfestival.com


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