11 November, 2021 | News

Last year’s finalist Scope Biosciences B.V. raised €1m!

Congratulations to our last year’s finalist on their funding. The Diagnostic startup company Scope Biosciences B.V. has raised €1m of funding from Utrecht based GenDx, a company which is specialized in Next Generation Sequencing (NGS) products for transplant diagnostics.

Scope Biosciences will use the funding to grow its research and development team and expand in the running partnerships and in the development of rapid diagnostics for infectious diseases in healthcare, veterinary and agri-food applications. In addition, Scope Biosciences will benefit from GenDx’s experience to build the ScopeDx platform.

About Scope Biosciences

Scope Biosciences is founded in 2020 by Jurre Steens, Niek Savelkoul, Bart Scholten and Stijn Prinsen. They are the perfect example of entrepreneurial students who created a solution to target a problem they faced in life. Their Dutch company is specialized in the development of molecular diagnostics using CRISPR-Cas. It is a spin-off of Wageningen University & Research. They developed a detection & visualization method using ScopeDx which is suitable to detect any infectious agent. Their CRISPR-Dx platform (ScopeDx)  is patented and offers various advantages and improvements over other conventional solutions, in its speed and overall ease of use. Furthermore, ScopeDx is proven to be extremely specific, even down to the detection of single nucleotide mutations.

Their Philips Innovation Award trajectory 

Scope Biosciences was a participant of the Philips Innovation Award in the 2021 edition. During the year they received several coaching and training days. One of these training days is the investor day, during which start-ups get masterclasses from our investor partners. These partners train them on funding, investor readiness and key points investors consider when selecting start-ups. Furthermore, to prepare Scope Biosciences for the final they fine-tuned their business plan and investment pitch during our coaching and pitching days. During the Grand Final they had to pitch their business plan to our jury and received constructive feedback from our captains of industries. Unfortunately, they did not win the Philips Innovation Award of 2021, but as they stated after the Grand Final: “It was an amazing journey from selection to the semi-finals, many coaching sessions, to pitching in front of the PHIA jury.”. Our event remains a competition, but the main point might not even be to win, but to focus on the learning trajectory and to participate in as many training sessions as possible.

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