‘Breath, relax, sleep’

Somnox created a robot that helps people breath, relax and sleep better. Stress and agitation are often the cause of insomnia. Somnox is a device specially made to help with insomnia in a natural way. The sleeprobot helps regulate your breathing. By holding the device which has the movement of calm breathing you will unconsciously take over this breathing motion and move to a restorative and restful sleep.

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Who takes the lead in driving groundbreaking innovations within our society? Corporates or entrepreneurs? Head of Global R&D Diagnostic Imaging at Philips, Joland Rutgers, and Julian Jagtenberg, founder of Somnox, will discuss what it takes to be an innovator in the healthcare industry. They will inspire you to wonder whether the next revolutionary innovation will emerge from within a corporate, or whether it will be an entrepreneur that will disrupt the world with his startup.

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