The Hable One is the easiest physical braille keyboard for your smartphone. It works with VoiceOver and TalkBack on smartphones and tablets. It looks like a small black device you can put on the back of your smartphone or tablet. It can be used for typing more accurately and navigating your phone with simple movements and shortcuts. Recently Stevie Wonder commented on The Hable One as an amazing product and he started to use it.

The Philips Innovation Award kickstarted Hable

“When we won the Rough Diamond Award we got awarded a cheque worth 10.000 euros, which of course was nice, but this was really just a by-product. The Philips Innovation Award is a start-up competition that is known by all. Investors know it, banks know it. Whenever I need to pitch my idea I will point out that Hable participated in the Philips Innovation Award, which immediately provides us with credibility. And it is this validation that opens doors that otherwise would have remained closed.

Moreover, we have learned a lot during various coaching days and training days. The best pitch-training I have ever had was during a coaching day of the Philips Innovation Award trajectory.
I shouldn’t forget about the final, when I got to pitch the idea in front of a large audience and a jury which consisted of most accomplished people, which gave a real kick.
And lastly, the Philips Innovation Award has greatly expanded our network. We are still in touch with other start-ups that participated, to exchange knowledge and ideas as it are often similar things start-ups are running into during that first phase.”

Listen to our podcast with Hable!

The Young Entrepreneur Podcast 2022 will kick off with our past participant Freek from Hable! He gives many great tips on entrepreneurship and unique insights on his experience with Philips Innovation Award. If you are considering entering the competition or want to know more about entrepreneurship and in for a fun podcast to listen to, do not hesitate and listen!

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