Lalaland is Philips Innovation Award’s winner in 2020. Michael Musandu, Lalaland’s founder explains: “Our philosophy is based on two main pillars: social empowerment and sustainability. We enable clothing brands to use our technology to show a realistic image and greater diversity of models in their advertising. This allows consumers to better identify with the physical characteristics of the models shown. Additionally, we combat waste, the destruction of clothing, and help reduce CO2 emissions by decreasing the number of returns by at least 10%”.

Overall, Lalaland’s platform generates customized and inclusive synthetic fashion models for e-commerce brands. A highly efficient workflow combines on-mannequin product shots with AI-generated model imagery. The result is realistic, ready-to- publish model shots at scale, created in a fraction of the time required by traditional fashion photography.

After winning the Philips Innovation Award in 2020, the idea that Lalaland is bringing to the table has been finding takers in the form of investors and fashion retailers. According to Crunchbase, Lalaland has raised a total of $2,600,000 and is being used by the likes of Tommy Hilfiger, Zalando, Steiglitz, Wehkamp, and others.

Moreover, Lalaland was interviewed by the international business magazine Forbes and has won the Tommy Hilfiger Fashion Frontier Challenge.

Read this article to learn how Lalaland is planning to disrupt the fashion industry!

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