27 January, 2022 | News

Loop received 75K in funding!

Great news: Graduate Entrepreneur announced last year’s Innovator winner Loop Biotech received 75K in funding to solve environmental pollution with their living coffin.

The current burial and cremation processes lead to large-scale material exhaustion, CO2 emissions and soil pollution. At the end of one’s life, “giving back” becomes more critical. People are becoming more aware of their impact on nature and future generations. At the moment, there is no way to leave Earth with a positive footprint, and options for people to leave the Earth naturally are minimal. Loop’s Living Cocoon is the world’s first living coffin made from fungi that enable humans not to pollute the soil but to enrich it and enable new life to be ecological thrive. The coffin aims to reunite us with nature just in 6 weeks instead of the 20 years it takes for a wooden coffin. Bob Hendrikx, the founder of Loop Biotech, is convinced that mushrooms are the secret to an eco-friendly death.

One week ago, our partner Graduate Entrepreneur announced their funding of 75k in Loop Biotech. Bob plans to upscale their production facilities and processes with his committed team with the investment. Bob aims to create a worldwide brand to realize the global sustainable impact and enrich the soil currently being polluted.

Loop Biotech grew more extensive after winning the Philips Innovation Award and even gained international attention. CNN picked up loop Biotech. Check out the article about the innovative idea of the Living Cocoon and the precise workings of the coffin. In addition, MT Sprout nominated Loop Biotech as one of the 12 most promising startups of 2022.

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