Lightyear is a Dutch startup that designs and manufactures solar-powered electric cars. The company was founded in 2016 by a team of engineers and sustainable energy experts who were determined to create a more sustainable form of transportation. In 2017 Lightyear was a finalist in the Philips Innovation Award. “It is a great honor to be recognized for our work in the field of sustainable transportation, and it is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our team.” said Lex Hoefsloot, CEO of Lightyear.

The Lightyear car is designed to be highly efficient, with a range of over 450 miles on a single charge and the ability to charge using solar panels built into the car’s body. The car also incorporates other advanced technologies, such as lightweight materials and aerodynamic design, to further increase its efficiency.

A prime example of how innovative thinking can lead to the development of truly sustainable products

Lightyear’s success story is a prime example of how innovative thinking and the use of advanced technology can lead to the development of truly sustainable products. The company’s ability to combine cutting-edge technology with a strong focus on sustainability has made it a leader in the electric vehicle industry.

Today, Lightyear has over 100 employees and has attracted significant attention and investment from major players in the automotive and energy industries. Currently the company has raised over $30 million in funding from investors such as Innovation Origins, Good Energies and KPN Ventures, partner of the PHIA. The company is currently working on bringing its innovative solar-powered car to market and is well on its way to achieving its goal of making sustainable transportation a reality.

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