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Started as:Importer of Volkswagen in the Netherlands in 1947
Founded by: Ben Pon
Employees: 14,000
Website: www.pon.com

Pon is one of the largest family-owned businesses in the Netherlands with a workforce of almost 14,000 committed employees spread over 450 locations in 32 countries. Every day, we are committed to deliver top quality. From cars and bikes to marine engines and electrical technology: we know the drill. We operate in four different business clusters.


Our Automotive cluster focuses on the import, logistics, marketing, distribution, service and maintenance of the brands Volkswagen, Audi, SEAT, ŠKODA and the luxury brands Bugatti, Bentley, Porsche and Lamborghini. In addition, we also import and distribute MAN trucks, busses and Volkswagen light commercial vehicles and represent its related spare part, accessory and services companies. With this cluster we are geographically active in Europe and the United States.

Our Bike cluster consists of a brand portfolio with more than 10 premium bicycle brands. The bicycle group has locations in the Netherlands, Germany, the United States, Canada, China, Taiwan, and Australia. In 2018, some 800,000 Pon bikes will have made their way to customers around the world.


Our Equipment en Power Systems cluster consists of the official Caterpillar dealership in the Netherlands, Norway, Greenland, Sweden and Denmark. In addition, we have a joint-venture in Brazil and Vietnam. We supply total solutions with Caterpillar machines, engines and generators.


Our Industrial Mobility cluster supplies technical services and flow control solutions for the marine, nickel and oil & gas industry in the United States, Asia and Australia. We supply valves, actuators, control- and fire safety systems, as well as material handling solutions, such as forklifts in these various industries.


At Pon we have the constant drive to create novelty and to add value (innovation). This entrepreneurial mindset is part of Pon’s DNA. We have yet to meet a Pon employee who thinks that something can’t be done. We finish every job we start, without losing that eye for detail. We believe that concrete results are the only way to move our business, society, and people forward. Talent, responsibility and family values are the cornerstones of Pon’s success. Pon has always had its people to thank for its international prominence and highly organized structure. At Pon we rely on the creativity, curiosity and performance of each and every one of our employees to identify and exploit new opportunities for future growth. Innovation is the key to growth in a fast changing world, and therefore, a spearhead within Pon.


The Philips Innovation Awards are a great opportunity for students and their start-ups to receive coaching and support to jump start their initiatives.



How we accelerate (digital) innovations

To help our operating companies accelerate in digital innovation, we founded the Pon Digital Innovation Lab in 2015, with which we nurture business ideas and innovations to fully elaborated propositions, generates new digital business opportunities from an ‘outside in perspective’ and provides digital inspiration for our operating companies. These can be disruptive innovations or incremental innovations.


This resulted in several startups like the Connected Car app from MiND, the Gazelle Connected Bike and Swapfiets. And with our investment company, Ponooc, we can further accelerate these business ideas with funding that is used as growth capital or to power innovative ideas. Take Swapfiets as an example, we kick-started the initiative of three former Delft students to launch subscriptions based biking.


We look forward to helping the Philips Innovation Award participants to get started!

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