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President-Directeur: Marjan Rintel
Founded: 1837
Products: Mobility Services
Employees: 22.000 in the Netherlands
Website: www.ns.nl

Established over 180 years ago, NS strives to provide convenient, fast, safe and affordable travel and to ensure that people can reach their destinations in a sustainable manner.


NS is developing into a broad service provider that works with other companies to offer the customer the option of ‘smart’ travel, based on the most up-to-date information. Convenient travel, from door to door. Doing so, we work hard to provide world class multi-modal mobility in collaboration with our partners.
We are continuously on the lookout for partners to co-develop new (tech) solutions across (smart) mobility, stations and digital services. We are a partner of the Philips Innovation Award, as we support the realization of creative ideas, help young entrepreneurs and stimulate innovation in mobility. As a partner we hope to find new ideas for improving the daily commute of customers: in existing operations, the development of new mobility concepts and to fulfill the needs of our passengers.

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