During the idea stage of the Philips Innovation Award we organise 11 seminars in almost all student cities in The Netherlands. A seminar is organized together with an incubator in your city. These seminars can give you valuable insight into all the benefits you can have from participating in the Philips Innovation Award (developing your business plan, get feedback, coaching, help & guidance from our partners, be part of a big network of other innovators, meet investors and may become prize winner of the Philips Innovation Award, worth €50.000).





The seminar in your city will take approximately 2 hours. We will kick off with a short introduction of the Philips Innovation Award and an inspiring speaker (One of our partners or a winner of a previous edition of the Philips Innovation Award e.g.). If you have the guts you can pitch your idea in a minute! And, by the way: free drinks after the seminar.
Last year, we have visited the following cities: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Wageningen, Utrecht, Groningen, Enschede, Delft and Leiden. For more details on the seminars.

Coaching and
pitching day


One month before the semi-final, two prototype days will take place at our working partner: wearereasonablepeople. During this day, the teams have the chance to join a workshop focused on improving a certain aspect within their business that needs more attention. The workshops of 2019 included: Validation, Tech-Feasibility, Mock-Up, Design Critique and 3D printing.


After the semi-final, eight finalists participate in a coaching day held at the Innovation Circl of ABN AMRO. During this day, all our platinum partners give coaching workshop for one hour. For example, ABN AMRO provides the teams with personalised advice on finances, BCG will provide consultancy advice and Arnold + Siedsema gives advice on patents.


Last but not least, there will be a pitching day. During this day, the teams receive tips and tricks on how to give the best pitch within time constraints. There will be opportunities to practice and improve their pitch held during the Grand Final.

Innovation market

The 30 selected semi-finalists are put to the test at the semi-finals which will take place at the beautiful, innovative venue ‘Drijvend Paviljoen’ in Rotterdam. The semi-final consists of both an Innovation Market where investors have the opportunity to get in touch with the semi-finalist, and a series of pitches by the participants in order to convince the jury that they belong in the finals of the Philips Innovation Award 2020. The Innovation Market will not only be visited by investors; several hundreds of students and other interested people will be able to personally ask all the questions they have about the participating 30 start-ups directly to their founders.

Philips Innovation Award Semi-Final 2019

Furthermore, the innovators will be able to show their prototypes or product movies to all who are interested. Meanwhile, all participants will perform a one-minute pitch in a separate room in front of a jury and a small audience. At the end of the day, the jury will proudly announce the five finalists of the Innovator League and the three finalists of the Rough Diamond League.


The day will be concluded with a network drink where all students, investors and participants can share their thoughts on the 30 semi-finalists and innovation as a whole.


Vorm productions produced a great video that perfectly captures the vibe of the Innovation Market 2019!

Grand final


After a thorough selection process by our Business Panel followed by the jury decision during the Innovation Market, eight lucky participants are left to compete in the final of the Philips Innovation Award 2020. Five Innovators and three Rough Diamonds are selected. The grand final takes place at ‘Theater Rotterdam’ with around 900 visitors.


On this day it will be decided which of the eight finalists have the most brilliant and innovative idea. During the show, some intriguing speakers will get the audience on the edge of their seats, and share their experience with entrepreneurship and innovation. The combination of these inspiring stories alongside the razor sharp pitches will make it a truly motivating experience.

During this evening, the finalists have the opportunity to further elaborate on their business plans. In the end, the jury decides who will win the Innovator Award worth €50.000,- and Rough Diamond Award worth €10.000,-.

Have a look at the aftermovie of the Grand Final of 2018

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