During the idea stage of the Philips Innovation Award we organise 11 seminars in almost all student cities in The Netherlands. A seminar is organized together with an incubator in your city. These seminars can give you valuable insight into all the benefits you can have from participating in the Philips Innovation Award (developing your business plan, get feedback, coaching, help & guidance from our partners, be part of a big network of other innovators, meet investors and may become prize winner of the Philips Innovation Award, worth €50.000).





The seminar in your city will take approximately 2 hours. We will kick off with a short introduction of the Philips Innovation Award and an inspiring speaker (One of our partners or a winner of a previous edition of the Philips Innovation Award e.g.). If you have the guts you can pitch your idea in a minute! And, by the way: free drinks after the seminar.
Last year, we have visited the following cities: Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Wageningen, Utrecht, Groningen, Enschede, Delft and Leiden. For more details on the seminars.

Coaching and
pitching day


One month before the semi-final, two prototype days will take place at our working partner: wearereasonablepeople. During this day, the teams have the chance to join a workshop focused on improving a certain aspect within their business that needs more attention. The workshops of 2019 included: Validation, Tech-Feasibility, Mock-Up, Design Critique and 3D printing.


After the semi-final, eight finalists participate in a coaching day held at the Innovation Circl of ABN AMRO. During this day, all our platinum partners give coaching workshop for one hour. For example, ABN AMRO provides the teams with personalised advice on finances, BCG will provide consultancy advice and Arnold + Siedsema gives advice on patents.


Last but not least, there will be a pitching day. During this day, the teams receive tips and tricks on how to give the best pitch within time constraints. There will be opportunities to practice and improve their pitch held during the Grand Final.

Innovation market

The 30 selected semi-finalists are put to the test at the semi-finals which will take place at the beautiful, innovative venue ‘Drijvend Paviljoen’ in Rotterdam. The semi-final consists of both an Innovation Market where investors have the opportunity to get in touch with the semi-finalist, and a series of pitches by the participants in order to convince the jury that they belong in the finals of the Philips Innovation Award 2019. The Innovation Market will not only be visited by investors; several hundreds of students and other interested people will be able to personally ask all the questions they have about the participating 30 start-ups directly to their founders.

Philips Innovation Award Semi-Final 2019

Furthermore, the innovators will be able to show their prototypes or product movies to all who are interested. Meanwhile, all participants will perform a one-minute pitch in a separate room in front of a jury and a small audience. At the end of the day, the jury will proudly announce the five finalists of the Innovator League and the three finalists of the Rough Diamond League.


The day will be concluded with a network drink where all students, investors and participants can share their thoughts on the 30 semi-finalists and innovation as a whole.


Vorm productions produced a great video that perfectly captures the vibe of the Innovation Market 2018!

Meet the Innovators

BEP Application

Type of product:Software/application
With a growing number of migrants in the Dutch society, the healthcare sector faces a challenge. How do we adapt our services in such a way that the ethnically several patient can provide high-quality care? BEP sees a considerable gap between care provider and patient, partly caused by language barriers and the lack of awareness of cultural differences. Designed for and by healthcare professionals, BEP focuses on addressing the above factors. Our final goal is to improve care for the ethnically diverse patient. Good care within a multicultural society, that's what it's all about.


Sector: Healthcare
Type of product: Physical product / Electronic Hardware
BI/OND Solutions provides biologists with avatars of human organs composed of Silicon chips and human cells for drugs R&D.


Sector: Big Data/Cyber Security
Type of product: Service/Software/Application
Blockbird is a secure Personal Data Vault: Personal Intelligence (PI). PI is a personal data vault, as well as a cloud service. It is the most secure data storage in the world. Blockbird has developed our own blockchain based encryption with IPFS. Meaning, you can choose with who and to what extent you share your data. Own your data!

De Krekerij

Sector: Food-TechnologyType of product: Physical Product - PerishablesWe create tasty, nutritious and responsible cricket and grasshopper based food products for lunch and dinner, tailored towards western consumers. Our goal is to make these animals part of our staple diets in Europe in 2030 and become the biggest cricket and grasshopper food developer and processor of Europe.


Sector:Smart Industry/Cities
Type of product: Physical Product
Making windows acoustically effective - a step towards quieter and comfortable homes. DeNoize has developed a unique solution to tackle the problem of noise pollution, an active noise cancellation technology that can be integrated inside the frames of a window to offer an additional noise reduction of 80%-90%.


Sector: Finance
Type of product: Software/Application
Dyme combines banking data with the latest machine learning technologies to offer its users a state-of-the-art solution for subscription management. With the Dyme application, users gain insight into their recurring expenses, listing all subscriptions in one clear overview.he frames of a window to offer an additional noise reduction of 80%-90%.


Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Software/Application + Physhical product
Gymstory make fitness more fun for athletes through a unique combination of features that inspire and support athletes by tracking their workout automatically (through an enabler), connecting them with other athletes and rewarding them when they go.

Iron Roots

Sector: Sustainable sportswear
Type of product: Physical product
By combining high performance, natural materials like hemp with a transparent supply chain, we aim to be THE alternative for polyester sportswear and make an end to the pollution that polyester sportswear causes.

Sector: Education/Training
Type of product:Software/Application helps medium-sized companies to engage millennials and increase their productivity. The Learned-platform enables HR-professionals to easily create personal development tracks to continuously coach employees. Create a track to step away from the annual performance review or guide employees from Jr. to Sr. positions. The Learned platform is available as a SaaS solution for a fixed amount per employee per month. Since our launch 1/10 we have acquired +20 customers.


Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Software/Application
With LUTTO's help you will get insights in your own grieving process and also lower the threshold for your friends and family to help you. LUTTO helps you grieve, together.


Sector: Education
Type of product:Software/application
Plexuz is an educational assessment tool that uses AI to enable medical students and healthcare professionals to find and improve on their knowledge gaps, while simultaneously enabling teachers and educational institutions to improve their education. Plexuz aims to improve medical education, and quality of care in a more broad sense.

Remode Solutions

Sector: Smart Industry
Type of product: Service + Physical Product
Remode Solutions creates and provides researchers with personalized 3D-printed and recyclable bioreactors to unlock any design possibility, making research in pilot and lab scale simple, fast, agile and flexible.

ShanX Medtech

Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Physical Product
Our product provides low cost, sensitive and fast Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing results to tackle the global public health issue of Antimicrobial Resistance and save millions of lives worldwide.


Sector: Manufacturing in the event and festival sector
Type of product: Physical Product
Tensail uses an Innovative and highly efficient patented building methodology for tensile structures. This method is cheaper, stronger, more efficient and has wider uses than current technologies.


Sector: Agri
Type of product: Software and service
For farmers who are looking to increase the efficiency of their operations VanBoven provides the ultimate way to use drones in their arsenal of tools. Unlike other offerings, VanBoven gives farmers full autonomy over their drone, whilst providing hard needed support in the operational and analytical aspects of digital crop monitoring. Using its proprietary algorithms VanBoven tracks every single crop or plant in the field, from seed to harvest.


Sector: Sustainable food and beverages
Type of product: Physical Product
At Zzinga we aim to reinvent the oldest alcoholic drink in the world, mead, as an exciting refreshing low alcoholic beverage, having thereby also a sustainable impact by being engaged in the support of bees and biodiversity.

Meet the Rough Diamonds

BRIGHT Solutions

Sector: IT
Type of product: Service/Software/Application
A modular communal lifestyle application supported by Internet Of Things-devices. The platform helps people to solve the amount of time and effort it takes to live healthier, more efficient and more sustainable lives by decreasing the amount of time and effort it takes. The platform does this by supporting and motivating people through multiple modular themes, a personalized experience, IOT-devices, positive nudging, communal gamification, storytelling, authentic involvement and a foundation.


Sector: Education
Type of product: Software app/service
CodeSkillz combines the secondary education with essential 21st century skills. There is expected to be a lack of trained employees in roughly 87% of the ICT-jobs. But also outside of the ICT-sector, computational thinking is a skill you cannot miss. Thinking creatively, solving problems and computational thinking are essential 21st century skills. The current education system has not been integrated enough. CodeSkillz integrates essential 21st century skills with the secondary education.


Sector: Education/Training
Type of product: Service/Software/Application
Curry is a website that allows students to benefit from one-on-one teaching without needing to pay with established currency. The goal is to combine the best features of private tutoring (its personal nature) and online courses (the fact that they are often free) to create an educational platform for students who don’t have much money but want to pick up new skills.


Sector: Education
Type of product: Physical Product
dCode is an educational toy that helps children (aged 6-12) to learn programming concepts, through screen free and tactile play.

Dyna Chargers

Sector: Charging market for phones and tablets
Type of product: Physical/Service
Dyna Chargers provide portable chargers for rent which travelers can pick up and hand in anywhere. This concept establishes a service which brings charging and a power source to the individuals in the most flexible and mobile manner instead of the individuals having to look and worry about charging and finding a power source.


Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Physical Product | Electronic Hardware
Hable is a braille keyboard for smartphones. This keyboard can be attached to a smartphone like any other phone cover. On the back of the cover, eight buttons are attached. The outer six buttons represent the braille points. With these six dots any letter, number or punctuation mark can be made.


Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Software/Application + Physical Product
Luuno aims to proactively stimulate physical activity in chronically sick children. To realise this, Luuno designed Fizzy: an autonomous robotic ball, with a soft shell, that proactively challenges children to play. It challenges children by wiggling, rolling away, shaking and purring. Fizzy supports the rehabilitation and limits the negative effects on the physical abilities of children with cancer that lasts their whole lives.

Smart Flora

Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Physical product
Smart Flora creates personalised food and supplement plans for people who want to improve their gut and general wellbeing. Smart Flora uses customer’s gut bacteria analysis obtained from a stool sample and their individual complaints, wishes and medical history/intolerances. Food and probiotic suggestions are delivered through the Smart Flora app (iOS, Android and Web). Smart Flora takes the hassle out of gut health.

Supermarket at home

Sector: Smart Industry
Type of product: Software/Application
With SAH an online supermarket purchase can be made in every Supermarket, independent of time and delivery times. This is only possible because we outsource the delivery service to the crowd. Everyone who is at least 18 can become a currier. Thanks to a crowd, everyday life becomes less stressful and people can enjoy an intelligent delivery service that is reliably, sustainable, fast and easy. In addition Supermarkets safe personal costs for their own delivery boys as well as acquisition costs for delivery trucks. We want to change the market for online grocery purchases and make it more individual!

Receipt IT

Sector: Sustainable IT
Type of product: Big Data/Application
Receipt IT wants to create a free application that provides digital receipts instead of paper receipts, in order to reduce paper waste and to create an extra marketing opportunity for our clients


Sector: Healthcare
Type of product: Physical Product
A biotech startup developing polymolecular botanical drugs against hepatitis B & C.

Mynn For Education

Sector: Education
Type of product: Software/Application
Mynn is an app for anyone who wants to take their language learning to the next level. Mynn For Education (MFE) personalizes language learning for each student and is built to optimize engagement and efficiency for both students and their teachers.


Sector: Circular Economy
Type of product: Physical Product
Waterweg is aiming to produce a mobile factory that produces infrastructure materials like permeable tiles from dredge sediments.


Sector: Health-Tech
Type of product: Electronic/biomedical Hardware
Zenith aims to enhance post-surgical muscular recovery, providing an affordable and effective solution. Zenith is a biomedical device which offers an Electro Muscular Stimulation (EMS) therapy embedded in a compression stocking. It is marketed to all individuals who require enhancement in lower limb blood circulation and muscle stimulation due to impossibility of movement.

Grand final


After a thorough selection process by our Business Panel followed by the jury decision during the Innovation Market, eight lucky participants are left to compete in the final of the Philips Innovation Award 2019. Five Innovators and three Rough Diamonds are selected. The grand final takes place at ‘Theater Rotterdam’ with around 900 visitors.


On this day it will be decided which of the eight finalists have the most brilliant and innovative idea. During the show, some intriguing speakers will get the audience on the edge of their seats, and share their experience with entrepreneurship and innovation. The combination of these inspiring stories alongside the razor sharp pitches will make it a truly motivating experience.

During this evening, the finalists have the opportunity to further elaborate on their business plans. In the end, the jury decides who will win the Innovator Award worth €50.000,- and Rough Diamond Award worth €10.000,-.

Have a look at the aftermovie of the Grand Final of 2018

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