About the Philips Innovation Award

Many people have clever, innovative ideas. You are probably one of them. But only a few have the guts to transform their idea into a successful start-up. It’s precisely this group of people who make the difference in our world. (Besides that, a considerable part of them becomes a millionaire before their 30th birthday.) Why shouldn’t you join these people? Everyone with a clever idea can participate in the Philips Innovation Award. It doesn’t matter whether your idea solves a huge worldwide problem, or just makes daily life a bit more easy and fun.



The Award is worth €50.000 and gives every idea or start-up an ‘Eureka!’ kick-start towards success. It consists of cash, assistance in registering patents, creative services, and more!

We do not believe in “the winner takes it all”-principle. The Philips Innovation Award has become a platform where each participant can profit from.

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About the Platform

The Philips Innovation Award has become a platform where each participant can profit from. Participants receive guidance and are being coached by experts in order to develop sustainable and valuable ideas and business plans.

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Participation is still open for everyone!  You can participate by uploading your business plan right HERE and receive thorough feedback from our business panel. By clicking the button below, you will be redirected to a YouNoodle page, on which you are asked to register an account. Hereafter, you will be able to access our guidelines for writing your business plan! The deadline for doing this is the 23rd of January.

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