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Port of Rotterdam

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About Port of Rotterdam

CEO: Allard Castelein
Port Authority: approx.1,200 employees
Port area: approx.12,500 ha port area, port area > 42 km
Employment: 385,000 jobs
Goods throughput: approx. 470 million tonnes of goods per annum
Shipping: approx. 30,000 ocean-going vessels and 120,000 inland vessels per annum
Added value: (direct and indirect): €45.6 billion, 6.2% of GDP

Port of Rotterdam Authority

Rotterdam is a port of pioneers. It always has been. Our port has a long tradition of implementing pioneering technologies and processes. From Pieter Caland’s ‘insane’ plan to construct the Nieuwe Waterweg to the second Maasvlakte with high-tech APMT and RWG terminals. The port in which the business community, government authorities and knowledge institutes have realised an innovation ecosystem and the world’s largest Creator’s District that acts as breeding ground for global innovators to collaborate in building the cleanest and smartest port. Innovation flows through the Rotterdam city and port, just like the water of the Nieuwe Maas.


The new era in which we live is all about digitisation and sustainability; two developments that have radically and irrevocably changed almost all activities in our port. That is why, in Rotterdam, we continuously search for answers as to how we can do things smarter, more efficiently, better and more sustainably, whether this concerns open data, Internet of Things, sustainable energy or exchange of residual products.


As independent authority, the Port of Rotterdam Authority is taking the lead in this. Innovation cannot be imposed. But actively seeking cooperation and staying connected with the market, creates a climate that stimulates innovation. That is why, together with the Municipality of Rotterdam, Deltalinqs and Rotterdam partners in the Port of Rotterdam, we are facilitating a unique innovation ecosystem that brings together global players and pioneers, researchers and entrepreneurs. Leading parties from the port-maritime cluster and logistics, large tech companies, but also knowledge institutes, field labs and start-ups co-create the solutions of tomorrow. Innovators are given plenty of space, opportunities and support to succeed in the Port of Rotterdam.

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