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Dear Innovation startup,

Let’s start at the beginning, for many start ups it is not easy working from home with limited connections and limited space. As HNK we understand the need for a creative surrounding space, in which you can develop your product. HNK has the ultimate (net)work locations for the hard-working people with workspaces and services for flexi-workers, the self-employed, SME’s and multinationals.


A warm, inspiring environment with stylish workplaces, meeting rooms and offices, a social heart and a wide range of services. In short, a multifunctional working environment where you are given a hospitable welcome and we realise our core values of flexibility, full service and custom service.


Why Philips Innovation Award?
At HNK we believe in the power of sharing and connecting entrepreneurs within and between our locations. What’s important to you is important to us. We try to facilitate growth of companies that are with us, and create an opportunity for students to be able to successfully flourish with their innovation project. This partnership reflects our values because we are progressive, contemporary and always connect with our entrepreneurs.


What is the benefit for startups?
So what is your benefit? Within HNK we facilitate you in a contemporary environment where you get the opportunity to connect with other innovative entrepreneurs to further your plan, and become successful in what you do.

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