Finalists of last year (2021)

Innovator League


Chainable: Chainable contributes to a circulair economy by designing circulair kitchens for housing associations and institutional investors.


Daphne Textile Research B.V.: Daphne Textile Research tackles the mass production in the textile industry. Using synthetic textile, they grow fabric like leather and wool in a lab without the intervention of animals.


Heatbox: Heatbox meets the growing demand for flexible, warm and healthy food outdoors with the self heating lunchbox.


Loop: Loop produces coffins made from mycelium. Mycelium is natures biggest recycler, transforming dead organic matter and pollutants into key nutrients for new seedlings. The Living Cocoon uses this power to let humans become one with  nature again.


Scope Biosciences B.V.: CRISPR-Cas is the most important discovery in the field of biotechnology in the last decades, making great impact in a wide range of fields. Scope Biosciences uses CRISPR-Cas’ inherent specificity and ease of use to develop an on-site diagnostic platform which will revolutionize the field of diagnostics.


Rough Diamond League


Rapidemic: Let’s talk about the next pandemic: it is not a matter of if, it is a matter of when. In the past year, we have seen weakened health care systems, ravaged economies and millions of people losing their job. Tests were not readily available, resulting in an out of control pandemic. That is why Rapidemic is developed: a modular, rapidly adaptable test able to accurately diagnose individuals with infectious diseases.


ReAlliance: ReAlliance tries to narrow the gap between consumers and producers by supporting the use of recycled materials for producers and stimulating consumers to use recycled materials.


RIFT: More than 40% of the global CO2 emission comes from energy-intensive industries. RIFT enables these industries to zero their emissions by providing energy systems that do not emit CO2 and that can replace existing fossil systems.


The Philips Innovation award is the largest student-entrepreneur award in The Netherlands. The award is organized for students, by students. We do not believe in “the winner takes it all”-principle. The Philips Innovation Award has become a platform where each participant can profit from. By participating you will get personal feedback, practice important skills, receive coaching and build a network. This all would not be possible without our vast network consisting of the partners, jury members, our business panel, the board of recommendation and our dedicated organisation committee.


The Philips Innovation Award is an independent non-profit organisation that works in close cooperation with Philips. The organisation of the Award is led by a Board consisting of seven dedicated students from the Erasmus University Rotterdam that work part-time on the organisation of the events.

The committee works closely together with our partners which help organize and/or contribute to a range of coaching days and the finals themselves. During the semi-final and final, knowledgeable representatives of our partners also make up the jury which have the difficult task of choosing the winners. Next to the jury members, we have a business panel consisting of a large set of experts from different industries that will provide valuable feedback on the business plans handed in before the semi-final. Lastly, our Board of Recommendation supports and recommends the Philips Innovation Award to potential speakers and guests.


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Final jury of last year

The Grand Final of the Philips Innovation Award last year, was re-imagined as a virtual event. The show was live streamed on Philips Innovation Awards’ website, A 10-minute compilation was broadcasted on RTL Z on the following dates: May 25 (9:15), May 26 (17:45), May 28 (16:15). The Virtual Grand Final was an innovative show, broadcasted live from a studio using Augmented Reality (AR) technology.

On the evening of May 18th, it was decided which of the eight finalists had the most brilliant and innovative idea based on their live pitches. During the show, Simone Brummelhuis, founder and director of the Borski Fund, was sharing her experience with entrepreneurship and innovation. In the end, the jury, chaired by CEO of Royal Philips, Frans van Houten decided who had won the Innovator Award worth €50.000,- and Rough Diamond Award worth €10.000,-.

The final jury consist of seven leaders of the industry, senior managers and board members from our platinum partners. These jury members will prepare questions for the evening to ask on stage and the finalists will have a chance to defend their idea. The final jury grades the finalists from an executive perspective. During the event itself, the jury will discuss their considerations and at the end of the evening Frans van Houten announces the winners of both the Innovator League and the Rough Diamond League!

Semi-final jury of last year


The Innovation Market is one of the most interactive events. During this day the best 30 start-ups will compete for a ticket to the grand final. The innovation Market offers the opportunity for participants, partners and investors to engage in an interactive dialogue about the ideas presented. During the Innovation Market, all participants have the chance to present their idea in front of our semi-final jury. The semi-final jury consists of managers with an entrepreneurial spirit, and are representatives our partners. The jury members are well prepared for the pitches and will be given the opportunity to ask questions about the business plans. Based on the pitches and business plans of the contestants, the jury will grade the start-ups on different elements. At the end of this day, the finalists are announced which will continue to the last round.


Alexander Carp

ABN Amro

Alianne de Jong


Anastasia Priklonskaya

Andre_Hoekzema-Google Cloud

Andre Hoekzema

Google Cloud

Ekim Sincer

Gemeente Rotterdam

Femke van der Voet


Ingrid Oudejans


Jean-Jacques Sliepen

Nieuw Creatief Peil

Johan Renes

DLA Piper

Lara Koole


Mireille van Dongen


Raimond Haan

Arnold Siedsma

Remco de Graaf


Teije Smittenaar

Port of Rotterdam

Board of recommendation

Our Board of Recommendation consists of Notable Dutch citizens, both from the public and private sector, who support and recommend the Philips Innovation Award to potential speakers and guests. Many of these members have contributed to past editions as speakers, partners, jury members or in other ways.

Our Board of Recommendation consists of:

  • Frans van Houten, CEO Philips; 
  • Bertholt Leeftink, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation; 
  • Frans Weisglas, VVD; 
  • Hans van Duijn, Technical University of Eindhoven; 
  • Huibert Pols, Erasmus University; 
  • Jacco Visser, KPMG;
  • Jan-Peter Balkenende, former Prime Minister of the Netherlands; 
  • Michiel Muller, serial entrepreneur; 
  • Robbert Dijkgraaf, Director Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton; 
  • Tienko Rasker, Leapfunder; Jan van der Ende,
  • Erasmus University; Francine van Dierendonck,
  • CEO Xenos; Elske Doets, Owner Jan Doets America Tours; 
  • Margot Scheltema, Commissioner DNB; 
  • Neelie Kroes, former European Commissioner and startup ambassador; 
  • Marjan Rintel COO, Commissioner NS; 
  • Thom Palstra, current rector of the University of Twente;

Business panel


Our Business Panel consists of around 200 volunteers with a passion for entrepreneurship and innovation. Thanks to our Business Panel, all participating teams receive feedback on their business plans during the developing stage in January.


The goal of the Business Panel is to provide the start-ups with useful feedback given by experienced entrepreneurs and business professionals. The start-ups will be ranked based on a set of criteria (listed in the Business Plan guidelines), such as originality, sustainability and level of innovation. Based on this ranking, the top thirty start-ups will be selected for the semi-final in March.

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