The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship

The Golden Triangle of Entrepreneurship

Wavin – Our new platinum partner


Innovation is a core element in Wavin’s Global Strategy. This was the reason why Wavin was founded 75 years ago by inventive engineers at a water utility in Overijssel. And since then, innovation has continued to fuel the growth of the company to what is today: the world’s largest producer of plastic pipe systems for water, sanitation, drainage and indoor climate in buildings.


Innovation is not a goal in itself. We innovate because it enables us to deliver on our purpose: Building healthy sustainable environments.  Doing more of the same is simply not good enough in a world that is facing disruptive and sometimes even existential challenges. We have to innovate our processes, products and business models in order to keep life livable and lovable  in rapidly growing cities while it gets wetter, hotter or -in many places- dryer.  And in a world where we spend 90% of our time indoor we must improve the quality and performance of the buildings where we live and work. This is why Wavin, together with our partner VolkerWessels, has decided to create PlasticRoad, a new company that designs, creates and sells the most sustainable, climate-proof and circular infrastructural solutions on the planet made from waste (recycled?) plastics. Roads that can be recycled and used again for making new roads, after a lifetime that is 3x longer than a conventional asphalt road. PlasticRoad is just one of the innovations that we currently bring to market.


But large corporations like Wavin face growing challenges to keep pace in a world where changes take place with  ever-increasing speed – even tough innovation is in our DNA. This is where our connection with start-ups is rooted. Start-ups are often faster and better in experimenting with game-changing  solutions for critical sustainable needs and challenges. They can do this because they operate closer to the customer, are faster in picking up new trends and technologies, have access to young and well- educated talent and are prepared to take more risks. In return companies like Wavin have the power to provide a platform for start-ups to thrive, by offering start-up entrepreneurs credibility, access to customers and funding for scaling in case of success.   When start-ups and purpose driven companies join forces, anything is possible. So the game is on ….. for a better world!

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