Philips Innovation Award to Organize Fully Remote Semi-Final

Philips Innovation Award to Organize Fully Remote Semi-Final

Rotterdam, Netherlands – April 7, 2020

In the past few weeks we have been following the situation regarding the current coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak very closely. We have recently been informed by the Safety Region Rotterdam-Rijnmond that a regional emergency ordinance has been released with regards to the containment of the virus, impacting the Virtual Semi-Final in its current form. 
New measures indicate that the (physical) recordings of the Virtual Semi-Final are not allowed. As stated in previous communication, the health, safety and wellbeing of all involved remains our top priority. Therefore, we strongly regret to announce that we are hereby changing the format of the Virtual Semi-Final, as the recordings on the 8th of April will not take place. 
The new format will be a remote video conference with all parties involved (i.e. jury, startups and Philips Innovation Award Board). This means that our startup participants will pitch their idea and answer questions from the jury over an internal video call.

The announcement of the startups that will proceed to the Grand Final will be communicated via our social media platforms and website on April 20, 2020, including an aftermovie of theSemi-Final.  

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