Prototype Day 2020

Prototype Day 2020

Although it seems like a long time ago, only last week the last of two Philips Innovation Award prototype days took place. These events were hosted by Wearereasonablepeople at their awesome Rotterdam office.

During the prototype day, the participants got the chance to sit down 1-on-1 with one of Wearereasonablepeople’s staff members to thoroughly discuss and improve their idea for the subsequent hours. The startups could opt to participate in different kinds of sessions, the topics consisted of validation, design critique, technical assessment & ideation and lastly mock-ups & prototypes. Participants were able to discuss problems they encountered, tweak their design or gain entirely new ideas.

The participating startups indicated that these sessions formed a great contribution to the further development of their idea. The dynamic between Weareasonablepeople’s expert advisors and the participants contributed greatly to the innovative atmosphere.

We would like to thank Wearereasonablepeople for making this day possible!

The pictures below give an impression of the day.