Semi-Finalists Philips Innovation Award 2020

Semi-Finalists Philips Innovation Award 2020

The semi-finalists of the Philips Innovation Award 2020 are known. Thirty innovative student start-ups will be competing against each other during the Innovation Market, which will be held at de Schiecentrale in Rotterdam on Wednesday the 8th of April. Eight of these will be going to the Grand Final, which will take place on the 18th of May at Theater Rotterdam.

The Philips Innovation Award is not only about winning the award. The platform consists of four phases (Idea Stage, Developing Stage, Refining Stage and Final Stage). During every stage, our participants are stimulated and supported to further develop and improve their businessplan. In this way, everyone can benefit from participating in the Philips Innovation Award, regardless of winning the actual award. Past participants from the Philips Innovation Award who achieved notable things after their participation are the electric scooters from Felyx and last year’s winner: BI/OND.

The thirty start-ups who made it to the Semi-Final:


Applied Drone Innovations: ADI is on a mission to become the Google of AgriData. They bridge Biology and Technology, providing an eye in the sky for the Dutch horticultural sector.

BikeFlip: BikeFlip offers a monthly subscription on second hand bicycles for children. When the children outgrow their bike we come by to flip the bike for a bigger one.

Breeze: Breeze is a new dating app that makes use of the current digital possibilities. There is no chatting; we organize the date and let you know where to be at what time.

Coirwood: CoirWood sources coconuts from Indian farmers and upcycle them into a high-quality, durable, and formaldehyde-free alternative for engineered wooden boards.

DeciBrace: A bracelet which measures the sound of the environment and gives a warning signal through light- and vibration function if damaging sound levels are measured.

De Warmte: A product that efficiently recuperates heat from the sewage drain located in the underfloor service void (kruipruimte) of any house.

FruitPunch AI: FruitPunch AI set out to create a global community of AI engineers, with a common vision of applying AI to do good.

Fusion Kinetic: Fusion Kinetic creates a 100% recyclable 2-in-1 multipurpose bottle consisting of 2 parts connected with powerful waterproof magnets

Intense: Analyzing keystokes to improve cybersecurity and to prevent burnouts

Lalaland AI: Lalaland uses neural networks to generate images of artificial humans. Offering eCommerce with a diverse library of age, size, and ethnic-inclusive models. Oddity is an AI startup operating in the public safety domain. Oddity makes video surveillance smarter by applying real-time analytics on live video feeds.

PlaygroundVR: PlaygroundVR brings hospitalized children together in a unique VR-playground experience to connect with each other.

Shared Packaging: Eliminates single-use plastics out of the online food delivery market by implementing a loop system where the packaging can be returned and reused.

Smartship: A solution for a sustainable and safe maritime sector, by ensuring the operator is focused and understands what he should be doing in an ideal situation.

The Helia: A flexible, modular solar system that can turn any parasol or tent into its own mini power plant capable of powering a multitude of devices and accessories.

Rough Diamonds:

Clovery: By renting out clothes, Clovery ensures people to wear different outfits every day, save time on washing and ironing and reduce their impact on the environment.

Cyberaid: Cyberaid predicts natural disasters by using piezoelectric effect and analysis based on deep learning.

Funbook: Funbook is a cutting-edge tech startup aiming at transforming higher level education pertaining to science and technology such as Augmented and Virtual Reality.

Lunal: A comprehensive app-based platform that offers contraception ‘as a service’, supported by a model that suggests the right type of contraception based on AI.

Manufy: Manufy is a strictly European sourcing platform that brings brands and manufacturers together for sustainable production.

Micro-Cosmos: A dome on the beds in hospitals that shields the patients from external sound and light, to make sure that the patient sleeps better and recovers faster.

NuMe: NuMe offers a marketplace where people can receive and offer online nutrition advice at their preference.

Pearing: Pearing is developing a device that filters noises from the voices using multiple microphones and an AI-algorithm and makes hearing possible for everyone

Respire: A sensor network comprising of low cost and self powered IoT devices which provides effective air quality monitoring. 

ROCK-N-ROO: A device simulating Kangeroo Care, a parental skin-to-skin technique, proven to improve the sleep-wake cycle, stabilize heart rate and breathing of the babies.

Spotmate: Spotmate is the first truly social medium at which you always post about your friends. Your friends fill your profile and you fill the profile of your friends.

Syntho:  It is our purpose at Syntho to solve the privacy dilemma with our solution: synthetic data generated via our deep-learning based Syntho Engine (SaaS).

TiliT: TiliT Solar aims to fabricate an organic, semi-transparent solar cell, which can be utilized by farmers cultivating crops inside a greenhouse.

Unpluq: Unpluq helps you to regain control over your smartphone usage, through a combination of a physical key and Android software.

WARP: Solves the issues of waiting times and single-use paper tickets in the cloakroom process by providing advanced software in the form of an app.

This year will be the Philips Innovation Award’s 15th edition. With over 100 participants, the Philips Innovation Award can proudly call itself the biggest student entrepreneurship-award in the Netherlands. The winner will be announced at the Grand Final on the 18th of May. The jury will be chaired by Frans van Houten, CEO Royal Philips.