Registrations are officially closed!

Registrations are officially closed!

On January 12th 11:59PM, the registrations for the Philips Innovation Award 2020 are officially closed. A high number of start-ups have turned their idea into a full-fledged business plan and registered during these last few weeks.

Over the coming weeks, all ideas will be reviewed by our Business Panel, consisting of over more than 150 experienced entrepreneurs, businesswomen and businessmen. The thirty best teams will be invited to our Semi-Final, the Innovation Market. This will be held in our new and bigger location ‘De Schiecentrale’ in Rotterdam on April 8th. Click here to view this innovative venue.  

Prior to the Semi-Final, we organize two days for the thirty best start-ups in order to prepare them for the Innovation Market as best as possible. Firstly, Investor Day will take place at the end of February. During this day, start-ups will receive information and training from our investor partners on how to receive and deal with their first funding. Moreover, the start-ups will learn how to finetune their financials, which is key in any investor presentation. The second event organized for the start-ups will be Prototype Day, which will be held on March 4th & 11th. Prototype Day will be organized by our partner Wearereasonablepeople and during this day the start-ups can work on their prototype, logo and website.

We are looking forward to announce the semi-finalists around the 14th of February. Make sure to follow us on InstagramFacebook and LinkedIn to stay up to date.