Tips on landing a job at a start-up

Tips on landing a job at a start-up

An increasing amount of young people prefer to work for a start-up instead of a more conventional workplace. The start-up environment can prove to be stimulating, as lower ranked employees are often granted responsibility. How appealing it may be to work in a start-up, it might very well be that your one million dollar idea (or 50.000 euros for that matter) does not present itself to you. If this is the case, people often have difficulties joining someone else’s start-up. This might eventually lead to someone abandoning their dreams to work in an innovative start-up. If you take the following things into account your chances of landing a job within the start-up of your dreams may very well increase!

Know where to look

Start-ups often have a relatively low “on campus visibility”, compared to large companies. One way to get past the difficulties this poses is by reaching out to companies directly. Use LinkedIn for instance, to look for start-ups in the segment that interests you. Do not be afraid to reach out to those start-ups directly.

Define your possible role

Properly defining the possible role you might play within the start-up may seem like a no-brainer. However, often start-ups do not yet have a clear recruitment policy. Therefore it can be very helpful for potential candidates to clearly define their role before applying for a job at a start-up. When doing so, also focus on why your specific set of skills as well as your specific role is in line with the nature of the start-up specifically and not with any other larger company. For instance, if you are very passionate about non-traditional marketing, and analytics and you know your way around a spreadsheet, it could be a good idea to present yourself as a growth hacker.

Attend start-up events

Lastly, it can be greatly beneficial to attend start-up events. These events are the perfect opportunity to get in touch with start-ups from your area. An example of this are our incubator partner Venture Café’s Thursday drinks. One of the most important factors of the job seeking procedure still remains having a network. This can be especially useful in the tight-knit start-up community.

So, as Shia Labeouf once so eloquently put it “Do not let your dreams be dreams!” Using these tips, take matters into your own hands. Maybe you will find your dream start-up job!