Team dynamics: How to avoid collisions and get the best out of your idea

Team dynamics: How to avoid collisions and get the best out of your idea

Evidently, the idea is the core part of your startup, however aspects that are often overlooked are the people nurturing this idea and the way they work together. In order for your startup to grow into a successful company, a lot of time, effort and skills are needed. 

Something important to keep in mind is that, even if you are a full blown entrepreneurial Uomo Universale, everyone needs team members to help bring their idea to life. Team members bring in fresh perspectives and a wide array of skills, allowing your startup to keep an open mind. 

Pay heed to what your team members are saying

This first point may come off as a no brainer, but most conflicts still arise due to team members’ inability to listen to one another. If someone feels they are not listened to, chances are they might get frustrated. This in turn has a negative effect on the team’s dynamics.

Do not be afraid to openly discuss issues

As the saying goes, communication is key. Being able to have an open dialogue about problems as soon as they arise is a powerful strength for any collaborating group of people. Do not allow problems to aggravate, just by not discussing them. Openly speaking your mind will often lead to a speedier solution of the issue. 

Challenge the behavior and not the person

In a conflict situation it is often our reflex to criticize the person rather than the act that person has committed. However natural this may be, it is not very useful for resolving the issue. Challenging a person is far easier seen as an insult, than if one were to challenge the specific behavior. Insulting a person could not only be bad for your personal relationship with that person, but detrimental for the group dynamics as well.