Pitching day 2019

Pitching day 2019

The pitching day took place on the 27th of March 2019. The eight finalists received a pitching training given by our partner Debatrix. Debatrix has been partner of the Philips Innovation Award for several years now. They have helped several TedX participants, professionals, politicians and supervisors in the past. Debatrix focusses especially on improving presentation skills, persuasion and storytelling. For more pitching tips and tricks check out our tips and tricks page by Debatrix.

During this day, our partner De Kleine Consultant also gave a time management training. This is relevant when giving a pitch but also when working on a start-up.

Moreover, Symbid gave an investor pitch deck training, providing advice on how to present financials to investors.

The Pitching day was hosted by HNK. HNK also provided workspace for the winning teams of the Philips Innovation Award after the Grand Final.

This day is especially useful for the eight finalists who will give a three-minute pitch during the Grand Final on the 6th of May 2019.