Look back on the Innovation Market 2019

Look back on the Innovation Market 2019

The Semi-Final and Innovation Market of the Philips Innovation Award 2019 took place on March 20, 2019. It was a day full of great pitches, innovation and networking opportunities.

During the day, Tom van Dun from Infocomics asked several visitors how they thought the world would look like in thirty years. He then illustrated their answers on a big canvas.

Tom van Dun is a full time professional business drawer, born and raised in Amsterdam. He combines many years of experience in the corporate world with knowledge of management and finance, with a great sense of humor and trained skills in drawing. Tom is skilled in live drawing during seminars, congresses and workshops and in studio drawing as he makes mission/vision visuals, cartoons, comics, illustrations, portraits and short business animations. For more information about Tom and his portfolio, check www.tomvandun.nl

Moreover, the Sign Language Coffee Corner Gebaarista served our visitors cappuccinos, latte macchiatos and espressos. Gebaarista is the first Coffee Corner where only deaf baristas work and where customers can only order using sign language. It does not matter if you don’t know any sign language, a short video will demonstrate you how to order something by using sign language. We want to thank Gebaarista for their enthusiasm, energy and effort!

At the end of the day, the jury made a selection of eight finalists. Five start-ups from the Innovator League were selected and Three from the Rough Diamond League:

Innovator League Finalists

BI/OND provides biologists with avatars of human organs composed of Silicon chips and human cells for drugs R&D.

DeNoize has developed a unique solution to tackle the problem of noise pollution, an active noise cancellation technology that can be integrated inside the frames of a window to offer an additional noise reduction of 80%-90%.

Dyme combines banking data with the latest machine learning technologies to offer its users a state-of-the-art solution for subscription management. Users gain insight into their recurring expenses, listing all subscriptions in one clear overview.

Iron Rootscombines high performance, natural materials like hemp with a transparent supply chain, and aims to be the alternative for polyester sportswear by making an end to the pollution that polyester sportswear causes.

Tensail uses an innovative and highly efficient patented building methodology for tensile structures. This method is cheaper, stronger, more efficient and has wider uses than current technologies.

Rough Diamond League Finalists

Waterweg is aiming to produce a mobile factory that produces infrastructure materials like permeable tiles from dredge sediments.

Hable is a braille keyboard for smartphones. This keyboard can be attached to a smartphone like any other phone cover.

Luuno aims to proactively stimulate physical activity in chronically sick children. To realise this, Luuno designed Fizzy: an autonomous robotic ball, with a soft shell, that proactively challenges children to play.

We would like to thank all teams for joining the Semi-Finals. We wish you good luck with the further development of your business.

We are looking forward to the Grand Final!