Finalists of the Philips Innovation Award 2019

Finalists of the Philips Innovation Award 2019

The Philips Innovation Award 2019 has chosen its eight finalists during the Innovation Market and Semi-final on the 20th of March in Rotterdam. Passionate pitches by the 30 semi-finalists and heated debates eventually led to a decision by the jury BI/OND, Dyme, DeNoize, Iron Roots, Tensail, Hable, Luuno and Waterweg won a ticket to the Final on Monday, the 6st of May.

Innovators (start-ups that have been founded before the 1st of October 2018).

BI/OND provides biologists with avatars of human organs composed of Silicon chips and human cells for drugs R&D.

DeNoize: Making windows acoustically effective – a step towards quieter and comfortable homes. DeNoize has developed a unique solution to tackle the problem of noise pollution, an active noise cancellation technology that can be integrated inside the frames of a window to offer an additional noise reduction of 80%-90%.

Dyme combines banking data with the latest machine learning technologies to offer its users a state-of-the-art solution for subscription management. With the Dyme application, users gain insight into their recurring expenses, listing all subscriptions in one clear overview.

Iron Roots: By combining high performance, natural materials like hemp with a transparent supply chain, we aim to be THE alternative for polyester sportswear and make an end to the pollution that polyester sportswear causes.

Tensail uses an Innovative and highly efficient patented building methodology for tensile structures. This method is cheaper, stronger, more efficient and has wider uses than current technologies.

Rough Diamonds (start-ups that have been founded after the 1st of October 2018).

Hable is a braille keyboard for smartphones. This keyboard can be attached to a smartphone like any other phone cover. On the back of the cover, eight buttons are attached. The outer six buttons represent the braille points. With these six dots any letter, number or punctuation mark can be made.

Luuno aims to proactively stimulate physical activity in chronically sick children. To realise this, Luuno designed Fizzy: an autonomous robotic ball, with a soft shell, that proactively challenges children to play. It challenges children by wiggling, rolling away, shaking and purring. Fizzy supports the rehabilitation and limits the negative effects on the physical abilities of children with cancer that lasts their whole lives.

Waterweg is aiming to produce a mobile factory that produces infrastructure materials like permeable tiles from dredge sediments.

Anniversary and Final

The Award celebrates its 14th anniversary this year. With more than 100 subsriptions, the amount of participants has tripled compared to previous years. The winner will be chosen at the Final on Monday, the 6st of May. The jury will be presided over by Frans van Houten (CEO of Philips).