Pitching: The essential “Why Now” in every successful pitch

Pitching: The essential “Why Now” in every successful pitch

If you have a great idea and solid arguments, that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll easily convince everyone to implement that idea. For the past years I’ve helped many people develop important pitches. And whether it’s a project on internal scale or a multinational million dollar pitch, it’s often one simple question that’s left unanswered: why now?


It’s easy to be enthusiastic about your own idea or proposal. Many people are that enthusiastic that they forget that the decision maker, the investor, manager or executive, hears about 30 pitches daily. As good as all these ideas might be, they can’t possibly all be implemented at the exact same time. So what’s essential to account for in your pitch is why it’s so important to start now, not in 2028.

Avoid implying loss of face

There’s another reason why it’s significant to explain why your proposal matters now. Don’t only consider the future, but also consider the past. If your idea is as brilliant as you want it to be, then it might mean loss of face for the decision maker. How will your boss explain to all its employees that they’ve been doing things the wrong way for fifty years?

It would surprise you to know how often people cling to wrongs or suboptimals, rather than admitting they’ve been doing it the wrong way. If you pay attention to why your proposal matters now, you’ll help them selling your story to others. Has the market changed? Does it perfectly fit the new strategy, that was launched last month?

How does this work for you?

From now on, ask yourself whether you’ve answered two questions.

  1. Why now and not yesterday?
  2. Why now and not tomorrow?

Make your proposal everyone’s top priority and your investor your number one spokesperson!