From page to stage

In order to stimulate entrepreneurship for every individual, the Philips Innovation Award is beneficial for every contestant. Not just the winner wins! To realize this, we created a process in which participants are guided by our partners. This guidance consists of feedback on business plans and concrete advises for your specific business.

The process is as follows:

  • 03-12-2017Idea stage

    In the idea stage, you can submit your idea to the Philips Innovation Award in 100 words. You can submit as many ideas as you like, the only criterion is that it should be innovative! Important note: your idea stays your idea. We guarantee that your idea is safe with us and it won’t get stolen. So don’t worry about that!
    The next step in the idea stage is transforming your idea into an executive summary. This helps you to concretise your idea and think harder about it! Of course, we help you in this process to make sure that your executive summary is as good as possible.
    And the best part is: the best 10 executive summaries receive €100!
    We do this in order to stimulate your creative minds. And this is just the first round….
  • 29-1-2018Developing stage

    In the developing stage, we help you transform your idea or executive summary into a business plan. We have clear guidelines that help you in this process. By handing in your business plan, you will be one step closer to participating in the semi-final!
    Our top partners will evaluate your business plans and provide you with personal feedback, no matter if you make it to the semi-final or not!
  • 28-3-2018Refining stage

    In the refining stage, 24 Innovators and 6 Rough Diamonds are elected to participate in our Innovation Market. This is the semi-final of the award and is a big chance to meet several investors, experienced entrepreneurs and of course other young start-ups that participate in the Philips Innovation Award!
  • 7-5-2018Final stage

    In the final stage, the Philips Innovation Award will reach its climax. 5 Innovators and 3 Rough Diamonds will battle for the prizes during an inspiring final full of innovation and excitement!