Royal Philips

Royal Philips proudly is the official partner of the Philips Innovation Award, because we promote entrepreneurship and innovation. We believe that through meaningful innovation we can make the world healthier and more sustainable.
At Philips we would like to foster entrepreneurship among students and encourage the leaders and entrepreneurs of tomorrow to take their first steps. This year, the Philips Innovation Award celebrates its 13th anniversary. In these 13 years, the challenge remained the same: start your own business and contribute to a better future for yourself and for society. The Philips Innovation Award is about taking initiative and making things happen.

Over the years we see the affinity grow between students and the Philips Innovation Award. Several of the winning student-entrepreneurs have succeeded in creating successful companies.
This is a fantastic and promising achievement!

About Royal Philips

Official Partner

CEO: Frans van Houten
Established: 15 mei 1891, Eindhoven
Home: Amsterdam
Founders: Anton Philips, Gerard Philips, Frits Philips