OVG is the largest real estate technology company in The Netherlands. We have a strong foothold in Germany and recently set foot in the United States. We develop smart, high-tech office buildings, always with a sustainable footprint. Our core purpose is to create healthier working, living and learning environments by using smart technology. Our organization works with a team of enterprising professionals, who have a strong vision in our own field and the world around us. From this angle we extend our boundaries and keep innovating continuously.
Never before did so many people live in urban areas. At present it is more than half the world’s population, but it will increase. This new reality is a world where more people are living, working, recreating and travelling within a small area.
How does one keep our habitat healthy? How does one most efficiently use natural sources? And how does one cleverly implement the use of new technologies in this respect? OVG Real Estate seeks answers to these questions on a daily basis, because we believe that buildings are more than merely a combination of materials.

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Website: www.ovgrealestate.nl