Meet the Rough Diamonds of 2017

Meet the Rough Diamonds

The following 6 teams were selected for the Innovation Market on 23 March in the Rough Diamond League. It was a great day during which all start-ups could connect with students, entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, all participants pitched their innovative ideas in front of an audience! Three Rough Diamonds made it to the Final: check out which ones right here:


Eyeplane Technology

Eyeplane Technology uses cutting-edge image recognition software in an invisible, autonomously flying drone with an endurance of more than 30 hours to localize poachers, count livestock, or spot potentially dangerous predators, among many other possibilities. The drone employment can be rented and potentially shared between neighboring land owners.

Levels Diagnostics

Levels Diagnostics is developing a rapid diagnostic tool that allows medical healthcare professionals to assess the nature of an infectious disease, being bacterial or viral. Our disposable and affordable tool will provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes. This tool will reduce antibiotics usage, and will improve diagnosis in developing regions.


Noomi is a portable energy-generating toy which allows children to power their own light through play. Designed for children in developing regions, Noomi addresses the problem of lack energy access and of stimulation. Alternating between a light and a toy, Noomi caters for their safety, esteem, belonging and self-actualization needs, promoting safety, independence and play!


Polariks, the wine-drone company. We innovate a centuries-old business with high-tech space technology. With our hyperspectral cameras flavour molecules within grapes can be scanned. Winegrowers are now able to determine the optimal grape quality and best harvest time while reducing costs, time and chemicals used in the precious winemaking industry.

Sem – Techtronics

Sem – Techtronics - This system can be plugged in inside any standard charging point. It automatically shifts the power supply from one vehicle to another. It has an user input and a display. The system also monitors the grid demands from the utility to increase or decrease charging power to optimize the vehicle charging. The startup aims to make the accelerate the growth of future mobility connected to the infrastructure.


WasteWise combines existing technologies such as GS1 barcode data, optical scanners, sonar scanners and software. The combination and application of these technologies is what makes WasteWise unique. Our concept is a modern method for sorting waste at the source. To do so WasteWise has developed public, home and mobile solutions.