Meet the Innovators of 2017

Meet the Innovators

The following 24 innovators were selected for the Innovation Market that took place on 23 March, having survived the severe selection process of 161 business plans. It was a great day during which start-ups could connect with students, entrepreneurs and investors. Moreover, all participants pitched their innovative ideas in front of an audience! Five teams made it to the Final: check out which ones right here:


Aiir Innovations

Aiir Innovations develops Computer Vision software that automatically detects damages inside jet engines. Currently, mechanics spend numerous hours inspecting hundreds of turbine blades searching for damages. Using Aiir’s software, this is sped up drastically and because it will never get distracted or tired, the risk of human error is also reduced!


Appjection offers a very easy and transparant way for people to make an objection to a traffic fine. Upload a picture of the fine, answer the questions of our chatbot and we will get to work! For free! And you? You can just sit back, relax and enjoy your right! 

Backseat Buddy

Backseat Buddy is a location-based app for children to play in the backseat during long car rides. This app provides minigames that teach the children in a playful and unconscious way about the language, culture, and history of the region they're driving through at that time (GPS).


Binfluence is a platform that connects influencers with businesses. Influencers are people on social media with more than 10.000 followers. Businesses can browse for influencers on the platform to start collaborations. The influencers advertise the products or services on their social media channel, which maximizes the exposure of the businesses.


Brenger is a crowd-sourced delivery service that connects your shipment request to unused space in cars or vans that are going that way, anyway. Thereby making the shipment of bulky goods between consumers inexpensive, easy and sustainable. You pay less, someone else earns money and together we foster sustainable transport.

CC Diagnostics

Currently, the screening for cervical cancer is outdated, costly, and inefficient. Our new DNA-based technology combines high accuracy with the comfort of self-sampling compatibility. Through collaboration with researchers, distributors, and patients, we will develop a test-kit which laboratories can use to offer the best possible screening for cancer.


CONCR3DE is a sustainable concrete 3D printing startup. We 3D printlarge building parts in atype of geopolymer concrete. We are extremely precise can print any shape. Optimized structures, ornaments and all kinds of curves are now possible. And the best thing: we save over 80% of CO2 compared to regular concrete.


Felyx offers shared electric scooters as a new urban mobility concept. Our convenient and affordable e-scooters can be located and activated through an app and parked at any destination ("free-floating"). Our concept solves current urban mobility issues and combines possibilities and opportunities of new technologies, sharing economy, and sustainability.


FietsKRT - Parking your bike with a crate in front is impossible in main cities; all the bicycle parking spaces are too small. To solve this problem FietsKRT has developed a new sustainable bicycle crate; one that can fold to 20 centimeters broad and can carry up to 16 kg. Problem solved.

GBM Works

Today, large hammers are used to install the foundations of offshore wind turbines. Noise from this activity is harmful to aquatic life. To damp this noise, over €300.000 is spent per wind turbine. GBM Works is developing a new method which is completely silent, saving the environment and money.

Gerrard Street

Gerrard Street offers a superb quality headphone for €7.50/month. All components are modular and reusable, while customers get a continuously higher experience through upgrades on an annual basis. By doing so, we aim to take the next step towards a Circular Economy.

Haak Innovations

We are a startup focused on solving problems in the engineering sectors of energy, transport and agriculture. Our first innovation, Soil Optimizer, is for the precision agricultural market. The goal is to increase farmers yields and profits while decreasing the needed inputs and negative effects of farming.


Why spend your life waiting when you can do so much more. HurryQ will stand in line for you digitally. Download the app and let us do the waiting so you can enjoy your free time.


Innologist is introducing a subscription based business model focusing on capitalizing the market of motorcycle and moped riders in the Netherlands as a start to provide real-time injury analysis detected by the sensor device integrated into a helmet. The sensor data facilitates post-injury treatment and minimizes long-term effects and costs.


"Kettlite is a flexible kettle that provides the modern hiker with a remote and endless USB charging function as well as lighting for comfort and emergencies. It has a performance benefit by being more lightweight and compact. The kettle is a consumer product that can be bought online and at outdoor retailers."

Lambda Shift

Lambda Shift - Our software suite Machine Engine is being developed to make robotics and IoT development easier and accessible to everyone. It takes care of the cumbersome low level setup that plagues robotics and IoT development and let the true creativity of the developers free!


Lightyear is on a mission to make electric cars work everywhere. After two prototype energy-positive cars (Stella and Stella Lux) which produced more energy than they needed thanks to their low energy consumption and solar panel, they are now developing their third prototype: an exclusive vehicle that will be on sale soon.


MorBi+ is startup’s leading moringa brand.  We provide the the highest quality and the most nutritious food by utilising abundant indigenous food products as well as provide rural woman with jobs to drive economic growth, women’s empowerment and sustainable agricultural development. Our mission is to improve nutrition status and livehoods through the power of moringa.

Mr. Chadd

Mr. Chadd is the first online, on-demand  homework platform worldwide. With over 50.000 students using our application, and over a hundred university educated coaches providing personal tailored assistance, we’re both helping participants acquire better educational results, as collecting data of a thus far silent majority; co-creating the future of education.


Nowi makes sensors that last forever. We do that by using communication signals, such as WiFi, 4G and GSM as a power source. The energy we can get from these signals is used to power our climate sensors. That way we no longer need impractical cables, or frequent battery changes


Somnox, is the first non-medicinal solution to sleep deprivation in the form of a soft robotic companion that actively helps you sleep.


Soofos is the marketplace for Dutch online courses where you can gain new skills at your own pace, time and location. Everyone can learn and anyone can teach. For teachers we provide the technical and promotional knowhow, so that they can focus on creating high quality content.

Storage Share

Storage Share is the marketplace where individuals and real estate owners can list their vacant space and rent it out to individuals or businesses looking for storage. Whether it be a garage or an office, Storage Share is the ‘Airbnb’ for temporary storage, providing an alternative to the expensive self-storage market.


UpLite provides A new way to connect people by combining the functional need of charging your mobile devices and the emotional need of meeting new people! We connect the charging inputs of IOS and/or Android mobile devices by a simple piece of hardware and allow these devices to share their battery life.