Meet the Finalists of 2018

Meet the Innovator Finalists

After an inspiring Semi-Final on the 28rd of March 2018, the following five Innovators were selected for the Final on the 7th of May!


AcaBoo believes in easy access to knowledge, for everyone! They have developed a bookstreaming service, so students can get unlimited access to all study books that they need. All of this for a monthly fee.


For relatives who need to end or change subscriptions, contracts and accounts of their loved one that have has passed away, Closure is a service that completely takes care of it. Relatives can easily indicate the companies that need to be informed. 

IV Wear

Scientific research shows that movement beneits recovery. However, the ordinary IV-system hinders this movement. The device is big, heavy and visible. IV wear has developed a portable IV-system to improve patient mobility. In this way, the patient is able to move freely!

Opt Medical

More than 142 million women lack access to suitable contraception (source: UN). Opt Medical is dedicated to understanding and solving this problem through thorough research and innovative design. Their goal is to provide fitting contraceptive solutions, primarily for women in low-income countries who feel their family is complete.

SPIKE Mobility

The goal of SPIKE Mobility goal is to electrify Africa by bringing electric mobility to Africa, starting in Kenya. Currently they are investigating the opportunities of e-mobility in Kenya.

Meet the Rough Diamond Finalists

And here are the three Rough Diamonds of the great final!

Circal Technologies

Circal Technologies turns emissions into valuable resources. They redirect exhaust gasses of containerships to their proprietary Algae Producing Units. This way, they can clean up to 17% of all CO2 emissions worldwide.


Medcore have launched their first product Aircontrol. AirControl wants clinical professionals to have more, intuitive control over the digital systems used in medicine, which are increasing in number and complexity. They want to contribute to a future clinicans’ ability, rather than means to ends. This results in better care and faster, more user-centred innovation in medical technology.


Ratio technology enables engineering companies to develop better products in less time and at fewer costs by structuring design documentation, automatically checking its consistency and deriving, visualizing, and optimizing the system architecture.