Meet the Finalists of 2017

Meet the Innovator Finalists

After an inspiring Semi-Final on the 23rd of March 2017, the following five Innovators were selected for the Final on the 8th of May!

GBM Works

Today, large hammers are used to install the foundations of offshore wind turbines. Noise from this activity is harmful to aquatic life. To damp this noise, over €300.000 is spent per wind turbine. GBM Works is developing a new method which is completely silent, saving the environment and money.

Haak Innovations

We are a startup focused on solving problems in the engineering sectors of energy, transport and agriculture. Our first innovation, Soil Optimizer, is for the precision agricultural market. The goal is to increase farmers yields and profits while decreasing the needed inputs and negative effects of farming.


Lightyear is on a mission to make electric cars work everywhere. After two prototype energy-positive cars (Stella and Stella Lux) which produced more energy than they needed thanks to their low energy consumption and solar panel, they are now developing their third prototype: an exclusive vehicle that will be on sale soon.


Nowi makes sensors that last forever. We do that by using communication signals, such as WiFi, 4G and GSM as a power source. The energy we can get from these signals is used to power our climate sensors. That way we no longer need impractical cables, or frequent battery changes


Somnox, is the first non-medicinal solution to sleep deprivation in the form of a soft robotic companion that actively helps you sleep.

Meet the Rough Diamond Finalists

And here are the three Rough Diamonds of the great final!


Noomi is a portable energy-generating toy which allows children to power their own light through play. Designed for children in developing regions, Noomi addresses the problem of lack energy access and of stimulation. Alternating between a light and a toy, Noomi caters for their safety, esteem, belonging and self-actualization needs, promoting safety, independence and play!

Levels Diagnostics

Levels Diagnostics is developing a rapid diagnostic tool that allows medical healthcare professionals to assess the nature of an infectious disease, being bacterial or viral. Our disposable and affordable tool will provide an accurate diagnosis within minutes. This tool will reduce antibiotics usage, and will improve diagnosis in developing regions.


Polariks, the wine-drone company. We innovate a centuries-old business with high-tech space technology. With our hyperspectral cameras flavour molecules within grapes can be scanned. Winegrowers are now able to determine the optimal grape quality and best harvest time while reducing costs, time and chemicals used in the precious winemaking industry.