Final - 7 May 2018

The Final of 2019 will be held on May 6 2019

After a thorough selection process followed by the Innovation Market, eight lucky participants were left to compete in the final of the Philips Innovation Award 2018. Four Innovators and four Rough Diamonds. This was the day on which it was decided which of them had the most brilliant and innovative idea. All of those participants were trying their very best to become the winner of their category. During the show some intriguing speakers got the audience on the edge of their seats, preparing them for various rounds of pitches of the finalists. The combination of these inspiring stories alongside the razor sharp pitches made it a truly motivating experience.
During this evening, the finalists had the opportunity to further elaborate on their business plans. In the end the jury decided who won the Innovators Award of €50.000,- and Rough Diamond Award of €10.000,-.
Have a look at the aftermovie of last year: